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Fitness Guru – Bollywood Dance Workout

May 3, 2010 by admin  
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Product Description
If you’re bored of the same old workout and are looking for a fun way to lose weight and feel great, here’s a DVD that caters to your needs. Fitness Guru is the first Bollywood Dance Workout, which combines aerobics exercise, belly dancing, kickboxing and Bollywood dancing for a complete dance workout! Bollywood dancing is not only fun but is fantastic workout where one is pumped with energy no matter how old you are! The video features 5 different routines along wi… More >>

Fitness Guru – Bollywood Dance Workout

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3 Responses to “Fitness Guru – Bollywood Dance Workout”
  1. Seema says:

    This DVD was referred to me by a friend who regularly attends Pooja’s classes in Bandra, Mumbai. After trying several aerobics centers, fad diets, gym instructors and VLCC (this is a Mumbai based fat loss clinic), she found Pooja’s classes and has lost around 20 pounds in 3 months (at least she says so :-) through regular “Pooja” workout and some dieting so now she just attends 2-3 times a week to maintain. She couldn’t praise this gal enough so I decided to buy the DVD.

    At first look, I was awed by Pooja’s grace and form but then I felt the DVD was a bit fast for me and I would not be able to pick up the steps. But then I followed just the “Basics” section for a couple of days and voila, I was able to follow the steps easily. Just love the swivel, hip twists and grapevine.

    I have to say that this is the best Bollywood DVD I have bought so far. It has many different variations and dance steps that keep you inspired and entertained while you workout. The Meera Varma DVDs are just too repetitive and lack variety of steps.

    I really enjoy doing the Maaiya Maaiya and Hey ya songs and my next goal is to do the ‘Maa da laadla’. I will update this review may be at a later time about the other songs.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. K. Hamsher says:

    This is by far the worst “Bollywood” workout DVD I have purchased. The instructor has no training in Indian Dance, if she did, she forgot it. Her form is sloppy and the routines are too fast and sloppy. I found a couple of Indian dance moves. I could only watch the first minute or so of each routine before I was disgusted I wasted my money. She calls it “high impact”, but it is technically “High energy”-check the definition on that in. The attached music cd was better than the video.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. Danie' says:

    This workout is made up of 8 chapters, 7 of which consists of 2-3 separate routines (ex: in the High Impact chapter, “Shut Up & Bounce” is one routine, “Maa Da Laadla” is the next routine, etc.). Each routine is separated by a 3 second countdown. There are no modifications.

    Intro: This is an introduction to the workout from Linda Arsenio, who’s endorses the workout, and Pooja Laugani. It also shows a fitness schedule and basic do’s and dont’s (warm-up, stay hydrated, don’t over-exercise, etc.)

    The first chapter, “Basics,” isn’t a workout but a break down of some of the the dance moves in the workout(s). “Basics” shows you a “V” step, grapevine, diamond (stepping in a diamond shape), “L” step, square, jazz-square, swivel, touchdown (toe taps), double step, mambo, “Maa Da Laadla” (hip twists), “Shut Up & Bounce” (a type of side-to-side slide step), “It’s Time to Disco” (crossing legs behind you, while crossing arms in from of you, pointing like in disco, then jump while pumping your fist), “Where’s the Party Tonight” (side kick, spin, knees side to side) “Say Shava Shava,” “Jaane Kyun,” “Hey Ya” (downward punches then pump arms up), “Maaya Maaya” (two back steps and hip twists), “Rock N’ Roll” (twists), “Mit Jaaye” (toe taps while turning a stick)

    Unless otherwise indicated, each routine features it’s respective title step from “Basics” in addition to some of the moves found in “Basics.” Many other unnamed moves and dance combinations not shown in “Basics” also appear in each routine (I would attempt to break them down but that would take forever and who’s to say you’d understand my written descriptions, anyway?). There were no main dance combos for “Desi Girl” and “Bole Chudiyau.”

    Warm-Up (8-min, Music: “Maahi” from Raaz the Mystery Continues, “Bandya (remix) from Khuda Kayture): Neck rolls, shoulder rolls, chest extensions, side bends, hip circles, toe touches, squats, heel raises, lunges, squat/lunge combo; march in place, touchdown, “V” step, grapevine, “L” step, diamond, jazz-square

    High Impact (11 min): “Shut Up & Bounce,” “Maa Da Laadla,” and “Desi Girl” from the movie, Dostana

    Energy Boost (12 min): “Jaane Kyun” from Dostana; “Hey Ya” from Kidnap (kickboxing routine, weighted hand gloves are recommended); “Bole Chudiyau” from Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Ghum

    Turbo Sculpt (15 min): “Maaya” from Guru (bellydancing routine); “Mit Jaaye” from Kidnap (routine uses what looks like a 24″ stick); “Rock ‘N Roll” from Kabih Alvida Naa Kehna (a scarf is used in the middle of the routine)

    Body Blast (13 min): “It’s Time to Disco” from Kal Ho Naa Ho, “Say Shava Shava” from Kabhi, Khushi Kabhie Gham; “Where’s the Party Tonight” from Kabih Alvida Naa Kehna

    Body Conditioning (14 min): “Tumhi Dekho Naa” (Instrumental) and “Jab Se Tere Naina” (Instrumental)from Never Say Goodbye. These are traditional strength training routines: Push-ups, tricep dips, crunches; reverse crunches, hip thrusts, oblique crunches, outer thigh lifts, cobras, donkey kicks

    Cool Down (5 min): “Soniyo” from Raaz the Mystery Continues: various stretches

    MUSIC/ROUTINES: Obviously, all the songs were featured in various Bollywood movies. The music is very upbeat and vibrant with the exception of the first half of the warm-up, body conditioning, and cool down sections which are calm and serene. The routines are fun and energetic but if you’re looking for them to be carbon copies of routines shown in the movies, you’re going to be disappointed. The routines also can be hard to follow (lack of cueing). There is no prep time in any of the routines–you just have to jump right into the routine. There’s also a LOT of bouncing and jumping in these routines so if that’s not your cup of tea, consider yourself warned.

    INSTRUCTOR/INSTRUCTION: Pooja is the actual instructor for the workout (Linda acts as a background exerciser in some of the routines). While Pooja is evidently a good dancer (I love the Maaya routine), her cueing ranges from just ok to, for the most part, non-existent (literally). I personally found that the unnamed steps weren’t necessarily difficult to learn (I mean who can’t bounce up and down and shimmy?), but it would be nice to know what step is coming up ahead of time. There is a feature of the DVD in which the name of a “Basics” move will scroll across the bottom of the screen, but it isn’t always timely and even if it does come on time, Pooja doesn’t always stay true to the steps that were taught. For example, in “Basics,” she teaches a double step. In the actual routines, however, there are 3 variations of the double step but Pooja doesn’t tell you what they are or when to expect to do them. The same is true for the touchdown and mambo steps. Also Pooja is sometimes out of sync with the music.

    PRODUCTION (for those who care, I generally don’t): The set is very simple–plain backdrops in various colors, that’s it. Split screens appear throughout some of the routines, but sometimes what’s shown on them they aren’t in sync with the main screen (i.e. the main screen may show Pooja from head to toe and the split screen(s) might show a close up on her legs but whatever shown in the split screen is moving at either a slower or faster pace than Pooja and the music are going). There are a few dubbing problems as well. Pooja’s mouth would be moving but nothing would be coming out and vice-versa. Also the routines are obviously unrehearsed–at least on the part of the background exercisers.

    FEATURES: On-screen stop watch for each chapter and a karaoke option (lets you see the words to the songs while you work out).

    EXTRAS: You get a complimentary CD of 8 of AR Rahman’s songs and a fitness booklet (how the program works, expected calories burned, nutrition guide, and recipes)

    OVERALL: I was a bit disappointed with this one. Even though, I personally feel that the unnamed moves are easy to pick up, who’s to say someone else wouldn’t find them difficult? And since there’s a real lack of instruction (I don’t find “1-2-3-4, 5-6-7-8,” “left leg,” “right,” instruction unless you identify the move before you do it), I couldn’t really recommend this one. Also, the cueing is generally poor so unless you have a LOT of patience and determination, this workout is guaranteed to be shelved. If you ever get the footwork down, though, I’d say this would be a good intermediate level workout.

    It also would have been nice (not necessary but nice) for the DVD to be programmable. After each chapter ends, the DVD goes back to the main menu.

    2 1/2 stars for the workout + 1 star for the extras = 3 1/2 stars

    For visuals: there’s a commercial on youtube. (Very brief but it’s something.)
    Rating: 3 / 5

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