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Losing Weight Tips

August 12, 2010 by admin  
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I’m going to show you 2 “losing weight tips” that quite literally force your body to throw off pounds of ugly and useless fat. This has nothing to do with dieting or doing traditional exercises. Read this now if you’re having trouble losing weight, but want to avoid diets and exercising that feels like TORTURE!

1. Diet and exercise a lot of times are secondary to hormones for weight loss

Understand that your hormones can make or break your weight loss. Eat right and exercise a bunch, but still not losing weight? Well, its probably your hormones fault. They’re unbalanced and working against you, not with you, to lose weight.

To solve this problem and get your body to throw off pounds quickly, start spinning around in a circle like when you were a child.

What this does is it stimulates your Endocrine System to rebalance your hormones. Once this is accomplished (you’ll need to do these spins multiple times a day), then weight loss will be a breeze. It’ll happen naturally.

Try spinning in a circle 5-10 times to start out with. You’ll be surprised how powerfully your body reacts just to that.

2. To lose weight at an accelerated pace, you need to INDUCE THERMOGENESIS

To do that, use cold water (wait, you don’t need to drink it). Instead, take a shower how you normally do. Easy enough. Then, once you’re all done with your shower, WAIT! Instead of turning the water off, turn it to really cold and rinse your body for 15-20 seconds.

I know it sucks. But if you’re strong enough to endure 15 seconds of cold water all over your body, you’ll be rewarded with increased energy and up to 16 hours of ACCELERATED fat burning. It’s a small price to pay. If you’re willing to put up with 15 seconds of being uncomfortable, then you’ll go far in losing weight.

You have the right mindset.

These “losing weight” tips are innovative and proven to work… without you having to go on some crazy diet or exercise for 1 hour a day.

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