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Lose Weight: Tips That Don?t Involve Starvation

August 15, 2010 by admin  
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Have you noticed that the vast majority of diets out there sound a little like an irritated mom demanding that you eat your vegetables?

The same sorts of people who believe that everyone should be forced to bike to work have taken over the diet industry. It’s not especially important to these people whether their tricks and tips to lose weight are effective or not. They care mostly about whether their advice reinforces their worldview that the right and proper way to live is to wring their hands over their carbon footprint, wag their fingers at anyone who wears fur, and generally deny and denounce everything that’s fun!

The thing is, I’d have no problem with this, but starving yourself to lose weight is bad advice, and it’s exactly what most diets are telling you to do. If fat and sugar aren’t fit for human consumption, why do they taste so good? Evolution designed our bodies to handle larger quantities of the stuff we like than most people realize. The problem is, it didn’t design us to live the permanently sedentary, stationary lives that we live in modern society. If you have an office job, or work from home, or do anything that involves a lot of sitting around, your metabolism is acting like you’re a bear hibernating through the winter-only it’s acting that way year-round.

Of course, I’m not saying you should eat at McDonald’s every day. Moderation is key in all things. But if you want a tip to lose weight, it’s this: focus on increasing your metabolism instead of cutting back on the things you enjoy eating.

It’s easier to increase your metabolism than you think, and I’m not talking about exercise. Here’s the best tip to lose weight that you’ll ever read: by varying the amount of calories you eat every day, you’ll make your body think it needs to burn a lot of calories, when in reality on many days you’re consuming very few.

The leading diet plan that incorporates this technique is called FatLoss4Idiots. When FatLoss4Idiots launched, it was explosively successful, and it continues to be one of the best-selling diet plans on the Web. Why? Because customers who use it are losing 9 pounds in 11 days-that’s not just marketing fluff.

FatLoss4Idiots will even construct customized meal plans for you based on your favorite foods. Want to guess what’s in them? The answer: within reason, whatever you want. Forget the tips that turn you into a rabbit: it really is possible to lose weight while eating the stuff you enjoy, and the enormous success of FatLoss4Idiots is proof.

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